plain sourdoughs.

plain sourdough

about as straightforward as it gets; plain bread with a slightly tangy aftertaste

extra sour

because I can't do anything in moderation, here's a extra sour sourdough, made with San Francisco in my heart and in my mind!

plain sourdough with salt flakes

plain sourdough with everything seasoning

plain sourdough bread with everything bagel seasoning folded into the dough and sprinkled on top

plain sourdough rolls

75-90g individual dinner rolls, $10/dozen

crusty european
hard rolls

european hard rolls have a light and airy flavor, perfect for conveying strong flavored cheeses and meats. I recommend the Bavarian Black Forest ham from Werner's in Mission, or their amazing liverwurst. *chefs kiss*

*only available on weekends due to timing of this dough, sorry!

holiday shaped rolls

prices subject to complexity and size of project. Working on creating a credible menorah this year!

bread boules

350g bread boules, perfect for enjoying
your favorite soups in a boule!