monthly loaf offering

January MLO

Since many of us try to be a bit healthier in the new year, this month the MLO will be a multigrain with whole oats, toasted whole wheat berries, rolled with honey. For funsies, it'll also have banana chunks in it for a little sweetness, and dark chocolate chunks for a lot of deliciousness, because when I did that with some extra dough last month, I ate the entire loaf by myself.

the. entire. thing. (apparently I didn't even manage to take a picture despite me taking 3 days to eat it, creezy!!).

All those bits and pieces are healthy, even when put together. If you'd prefer to enter 2023 without the chocolate and/or banana inclusions, lmk and I'll make yours without the sweet bits. Even though 2023 needs as much sweetness as it can get, imo. Let me know which way you'd like to go!

Nom nom nom nom nom...

welcome to the "loaf of the month" club!

perks of being a MLO member:

(i mean, do i really need to even go any further?? but i can, so i will!)

~ 10% off all non-MLO orders ~

~ free birthday (or other celebration!) loaf ~

~ possibly (probably) getting to know your neighborhood sourdough baker a
little more than you expected (or wanted), which we all know is priceless
and not nearly as scary as it sounds ~

for every MLO loaf ordered, Baked. will donate a loaf to a teacher!

whether a teacher of your choosing, or one from my list of loaf o' LOVE requests, a loaf will be gifted to a teacher to express our appreciation and affection for all their hard work, particularly during these times of mass burnout and frustration.
we're here for you, teachers! we appreciate
you and your efforts!


when signing up: the form will ask you for your basic info, if you prefer vegetarian (or pork product free) loaves, if there are any cheeses or herbs you can't stand, as well as your venmo handle. i can't guarantee the availability of a specific ingredient, but i'm glad to swap out a particular flavor if/when possible. e.g., my cousin absolutely abhors goat cheese, so if she lived here and was signing up, i would make sure her MLO has parmesan or aged cheddar substituted in it that would meld with the other inclusions. i try to be nice, and definitely wouldn't want to sell you a loaf with flavors you wouldn't like!

future communications: the new MLO communication will go out around the 1st of each month; this will be via FB message or text (the form will ask which you prefer), since the last thing i want (imo) is another email. the text/DM will contain a link to the order form for the monthly loaf offering; follow the link to select your option for this month. if you are not interested in the MLO, you can choose to substitute for 2 loaves of plain sourdough.

payment: after sending out the MLO communication, i will send your venmo a request for $14, and let you know what day your order will be ready for pickup.

join here!