immoderate inclusions.

artichoke & fresh herbes de Provence

this loaf came about based off an artichoke loaf in San Francisco - cobbled together with my own mixture of fresh herbes de Provence and strewn with artichoke heart chunks.

bacon bacon

need i really say more? crispy crumbed bacon rolled into the bread while forming the loaf. but it's bacon bacon, 'cause i'm extra like that, and more bacon makes everything better, amiright? 

bacon & blue cheese

the next logical step, once bacon has been introduced, is to add the perfection that is blue cheese. nom. 

blue cheese

at least 2 ounces of pungent, lovely blue cheese is folded into each of these delectable loaves. 

brie & roasted garlic

my new favorite! brie cheese chunks mixed with roasted garlic cloves, rolled into a bubbly loaf of deliciousness. Highly recommend eating this one hot and toasty. Maybe with a glass of white. At least, that's how I ate the last loaf with my friend on my porch...

brie & rosemary

wait wait, maybe this is my hands down new favorite. fresh rosemary, chopped and folded in during autolysis, with chunks of brie added. ohhhh nommy. 


oh my goodness, oh my goodness! 

fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, and a little bit of garlic make this loaf taste like bruschetta in a bag! the flavors just explode in your mouth!

chive & goat cheese

this blend of freshly harvested chives and goat cheese makes my mouth water and my heart pop a little bit with each bite - it's so bright and tastes like spring! 

fig, brie 

& caramelized onion

there's a little something different in each bite in this loaf. one has the sweet crispy crunch of figs, the next the creaminess of the brie, mixed in with the earthiness of the caramelized onions. 

fresh chives, hot peppers, and smoked cheddar
~ recommended with peppered bacon ~

oooooh....this one has a bit of a bite to it! available with or without peppered bacon, this is a lovely medley of fresh chives, pickled hot peppers (might be jalapenos sometimes, depending on availability), and smoked cheddar.
your taste buds will sing!

hot hatch chile 

& goat cheese

the one that kicked it all off, the hot hatch green chile is sourced directly from Hatch, NM, to bring a heatwave to your mouth that you won't forget anytime soon! goat cheese crumbles help balance this seriously spicy chile. 

lemon & goat cheese

this is it, paniphiles. my hands down favorite. I think.
I like all my loaves, love most of them, but this....this is potentially perfection. Lemon dough (lemon emulsion & lemon zest replace a portion of the flour and water in the base recipe) with goat cheese crumbles folded in prior to baking. Serve toasted with raspberry preserves - your mouth will thank you!

sundried tomato 

& goat cheese

sundried tomato goat cheese crumbles folded into dough with extra sundried tomato chunks added