Occasionally, small batch baking can take an unexpected turn. For example, a few weeks ago I had a doozy of a bake. I burned the bottom of 4 loaves, I mixed up two orders, and (at least) one cinnamon crunch loaf that looked perfect on the outside turned out curiously underbaked, while 3 others were all correct. I could give you 1000 excuses: I was running behind, I was flustered, it had been a very (very!) bad week, and the weather was absolute crap. All of those were true. But realistically, in any given situation human errors can happen, wonky appliances happen, and sometimes despite all the best intentions, things just don't work out. This last time, it turned out the huge swing in humidity caused some major changes in the dough, and I didn't catch the warning signs. Mea culpa! Lesson learned!

So that everyone knows, I will ALWAYS replace a product that isn't to your satisfaction. Things can go wrong in a variety of ways with small batch baking, and I would far rather replace it so you can enjoy it fully, than have you feeling dissatisfied in any way.

The good news is, almost any sourdough loaf is still pretty good if it's toasted, so eat the first if you'd like while you wait for the second one. You could also turn it into croutons, rather than pitching it, if you were inclined.

Please email me at or DM me on Facebook if you would like me to replace any part of your order. Thank you for your support and understanding!