come together.

One reason why I started baking was to share food with those in need. Now that I'm selling my bread, part of the proceeds of each bake goes to helping the houseless and food insecure in our community. I gladly source my dried inclusions from Penzeys, who helps support The Trevor Project, working with at-risk LGBTQ youth ( More on that story here: I bought a whole lotta dried dill that week.

Did you know that 40% of the unhoused youth on our streets are LGBTQIA+ children, turned out of their own homes by unsupportive parents? (BTW, if that's you, I'm your Mom now. Or your Aunt. My best friend is an ordained minister, she can marry you in her large backyard where we can be covid-safe. We're here for you and LOVE YOU.) Every single thing we can do to help them, to help make unhoused and food insecure people's lives just a little bit easier, can make a difference. Every little bit. A hot meal. A warm loaf of bread. A hug, a smile. People are people regardless of their circumstances, and they just need love and support. We can do that, together.

If you or anybody you know are in need of food, please let me know - no one should ever go hungry! I'm glad to drop off a meal, or you can pick up - we don't even need to see each other.

Also, if you are in need of some comfort and self care, but can't afford a loaf at this time, please let me know by clicking the box on the order form, and I'll get you one. No questions, no judgment. Just love.

If you would like to support this effort without carb consumption, you can venmo any donation amount to me - please just label it as a bread LOVE donation. Thanks!!