fundamental inclusions.

caramelized onion

delicious caramelized onions folded into the dough during loaf formation

cinnamon crunch

fresh ground cinnamon mixed with brown sugar and a little bit of butter, with cinnamon baking chips poured overtop, then folded into loaves.

dark chocolate chip

dark chocolate covered cacao nibs added to sourdough, creating a lovely rich, dark chocolate treat!

fresh herbes de Provence

fresh herbes de Provence (rosemary, thyme, savory, oregano, and chives) mixed into the dough during autolysis, with small pieces of garlic.

kalamata olive

chopped kalamata olives, folded in during formation of loaves

lemon blueberry

lemon dough (lemon emulsion & lemon zest replace a portion of the water and flour used in the base recipe) with fresh blueberries folded throughout.

rosemary & roasted garlic

fresh rosemary sprigs, crushed, chopped, and folded in during autolysis, with roasted garlic cloves studded throughout during loaf formation.

rye with caraway seeds

1/3 dark rye flour, 2/3 high protein flour, mixed liberally with whole caraway seeds. Multiple customers have raved that it is the closest thing they've ever had to their (insert historical Jewish/Polish baker relative's name here)'s amazing rye bread. Highly recommend with liverwurst, if you're into that sort of thing. Which I am, thankfully!

sprouted whole wheat

this lovely loaf is made from sprouted whole wheat berries and whole wheat bread flour, both locally sourced from Fyler Farms. This loaf has a little organic vital wheat gluten added to help combat the density of this super healthy and delicious bread.

sundried tomato

sundried tomato pieces folded into dough during autolysis, giving the bread a rich earthy flavor.

inclusion rolls

rolls made to order with your preferred inclusion, starting at $15/doz.

(pictured: caramelized onion rolls)