fresh and flavorful small batch sourdough breads, made with liberal amounts of love and fun (and some cursing, let's be real!) in my Kansas City kitchen. 

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upcoming bakes:

i'm working hard on getting back into baking after the turmoil of the past year.
i plan to focus on getting MLO orders filled first each month, and hope my executive dysfunction keeps at bay long enough to fill individual orders! i will confirm all orders after receipt, to determine the timing of your order pickup.
i will also be posting with timing of upcoming bakes.

please note on your order if it is needed by a specific date or for an event. if at all possible, please text me as well - my number is at the end of the order form.

if you need breads for an event or a craving,
feel free to send me a DM or email and we can try to get something planned.

thank you for your understanding and support.

October MLO

Oh what deliciousness!! October's MLO will be a wonderful pumpkin spice loaf, strewn with dried cranberries and liberally seasoned with pumpkin pie spices. Make sure to toast this one and serve with some butter and hot honey! 

just a reminder that for every MLO loaf ordered, i will donate a loaf to a teacher! whether a teacher of your choosing, or one from my list of Teacher loaf o' LOVE requests; a loaf will be gifted to a teacher to express our appreciation and affection for all their hard work, particularly during these times of mass burnout and  frustration. we're here for you, teachers! 

if my request list is empty, i will put the extra proceeds toward efforts to assist food insecurity. thank you for all you do to support our teachers and our community. 

bakes are limited to 24 loaves, twice a week (larger orders can be coordinated with advance notice). 

all baked. breads are preservative free, small-batch baked to order. 

our base recipe is a simple mixture of high protein flour, water, sourdough starter (itself a blend of high protein flour, water, fermented with airborne wild yeast), and salt.  our fresh herbs are locally sourced (as much as possible), and grown in a pesticide-free environment.

without any meat or cheese inclusions, baked. loaves are a vegan product. 

a portion of proceeds from each bake go toward helping the houseless and people with food insecurity in our community.

In the land of allllllll the crazy things, baked. was listed on KCUR's top ghost kitchens and bakeries of 2021! I am completely mind blown that what began as something so simple has evolved so far. Major thanks to Danielle Lehman for the shout out!!

Danielle's post after she tasted baked. led to another amazing opportunity - an interview with Michael Mackie of IN Kansas City Magazine.  I wish I had words for all this good fortune, but I don't, really. Just know that your support is being put to good use - as always, we'll be using some of the proceeds from baked. to help fight food insecurity for people in KC.

I'm humbled and honored. Thank YOU for all your support! 



A taste of what's to come....

 "Your rye bread takes me back to spending afternoons in my Polish grandmother's kitchen - it's spot on. Amazing." - Kellie

 "The rosemary and roasted garlic is life changing!" - Mary

"My clients and dinner party guests raved!" - Melissa H., Green Girl

Good God, that bread is delicious. My trainer and waist line are going to hate me now that I've tried your goods and you're so close. Thank you for making this so easy, look forward to ordering more from you.  - N


 Missouri Cottage Industry Law provides:

The majority of the foods that can be produced in a home setting are covered within the food code, by a section of the definition of what a food establishment ‘is’ or ‘is not’. The section below provides the requirements to qualify for the exception to the definition of a food establishment that allows for production of foods in a home setting.

(h) Where local codes allow, individual stands in which only foods meeting the following conditions are sold, sampled or served:

(i) Non-potentially hazardous processed food, except low acid canned and acidified foods as specified in 21 CFR 113 and 114 respectively, including, but not limited to breads, cookies, fruit pies, jams, jellies, preserves, fruit butters, honey, sorghum, cracked nuts, packaged spices and spice mixes, dry cookie, cake, bread, and soup mixes;

(ii) The seller is the individual actually producing the food or an immediate family member residing in the producer’s household with extensive knowledge about the food;

(iii) The seller only sells, samples or serves the food directly to the end consumer;

(iv) All processed packaged foods bear a label stating the name and address of the manufacturer/processor preparing the food, common name of the food, name of all the ingredients in the food in order of predominance, the net weight of the food in English or metric units, and a statement that the product is prepared in a kitchen that is not subject to inspection by the department. It is recommended that honey manufacturers/processors include this additional statement to their product label: “Honey is not recommended for infants less than twelve (12) months of age”; and

(v) The consumer is informed by a clearly visible placard at the sales or service location that the food is prepared in a kitchen that is not subject to inspection by the department if the foods specified in Part 3. H. (I) of this definition, are sold, sampled or served in unpackaged, individual portions. The department shall have the final authority in determining whether a food is non-potentially hazardous and may enjoin individuals who violate the provisions of this subparagraph from selling, sampling or serving these foods.